Food safety and quality

The modern processes established in our diversified operating structure
are in action from receiving to storage, from processing to sorting.

For years, Ge.Ne Group has adopted regulatory (HACCP) and voluntary (ISO 22000.2005 and ISO 9001:2008) certifications to protect the health requirements of all its marketed products, with the mission of constantly improving the quality of its products and offer, to its clients, the best guarantees in terms of service.

Our qualified and specialized personnel carries out careful microbiological and chemical controls in addition to daily sensory assessments. The management and monitoring system run in parallel with advanced technologies in order to preserve our products from potential risks.

Our food safety practices embrace all our business activities:

The modern processes established in our diversified operative structure are in action from product’s reception to storage, from processing to sorting. This allows a monitoring of all the production phases.

In our plants, in order to always assure the best hygiene, we also use a system that produces ozonated water, which sanitises the water and the ice that come in contact with products and surfaces.

The allotropic form of oxygen (O3) is created by three oxygen atoms and is able, thanks to its high oxidizing capacity, to kill bacteria present in air and water. This property has been used since the early twentieth century and led, more recently, to a growing interest for surfaces, systems and equipment’s sanitation in the food and beverage industry. This system operates according to a certified protocol, in an environment-friendly way: once used, it reverts back to being plain oxygen, without polluting and without leaving residue on products and/or surfaces.

We have also carried out a series of tests implementing ozonated water to wash products, and the results showed a decrease in bacterial counts and an increase of the shelf life.

Ge.Ne is solidly on the cutting edge, not only in product quality, but also in the use and development of “green” processes, research and experimentation with innovative methods and solutions. Maintenance and sterilization of the workplace, work surfaces and equipment is fundamental to our business: thanks to daily sanitizing treatments, we sterilize and purify everything that comes in contact with water and ice.

Ozonated water plays a primary role in cleaning and storing fresh fish, too: the total microbial load of freshly caught fish is lowered significantly, ensuring a greatly improved microbiological quality.

The process takes place without any addition of chemical substances and without changing the sensory properties of the same products. The treatment does not leave any kind of residue on the product, as it is catalogued as a non-residual sanitiser.

Furthermore, as it only releases oxygen, it does not pollute the environment.

Ge.Ne has confirmed itself as a forward-looking business, working only with elevated standards of quality and sanitation/hygiene. Our internal information systems guarantee the traceability of our products up to the final consumer, enhancing the primary objective of Ge.Ne in food safety. Each product can be checked through the EAN 128 barcode.

The product is delivered using only refrigerated vehicles that are approved for the transport of fresh/deep frozen alimentary products, ensuring the maintenance of the cold chain and the quality standards of the product.