GE.NE Africa

Assures a constant supply of fresh product year-round.

Ge.Ne Africa is an important branch of Ge.Ne Group and consists of two African companies: Hello Fish in Senegal (Dakar) and HCS in Mauritania.

The fish is caught, then selected and processed at our two specialized plants in Africa, managed by business experts and trusted staff. For Ge.Ne Group, quality always comes first: this is guaranteed by European certifications and constant monitoring of the whole supply chain. We hold licenses to export our fresh, frozen and on-site processed seafood to almost every country in the world. A constant supply of fresh and frozen seafood, from these strategic locations, is fundamental to our internationalization process and control over the supplying sources.

Boats in Mauritania & Senegal are at our complete disposal in order to always assure us the availability of the best products. We also do international trading.


  • The product is top quality.
  • Wild-caught fish grows feeding on plankton and other fish present in nature: they are not exposed to chemical treatments and have never known stress, artificial feeds or antibiotics.
  • Because of this, wild-caught fish doesn’t suffer during its life, it is richer in Omega 3 and minerals and it’s firmer and tastier.
  • Every species of fish has its own natural seasonal cycles.
  • We also offer our clients the possibility to receive fresh fish already cleaned (gilled and/or gutted) and in convenient fillets.
Local African pirogues fish daily only for us. Fresh fish is kept in cold storage at 0° - 4° C. It does not contain chemical additives.